Tea With Warriors

Music for Relaxation and Enlightenment

New and Old Stuff (Unreleased)

Here are some tracks that aren't available on my CD's for sale.


 These are some avant-garde electronic pieces I did after getting my Nord Modular synthesizer in 2000. The focus is on texture, and interesting sounds.

The Frippery

Hookah Den



I made a musique-concrete piece with a story of my meeting with John Cage in 1987. The background is a prepared piano piece my friends and I did, and some sounds obtained by recording an AM radio which was deliberately interfered with by a Commodore 64 set a couple feet away.

 A Belated Farewell to John Cage


 Other (in no particular order):

"Bits and Bytes" . (cover of 1980's educational TV show theme, just for fun)


Reel Life. I'm thinking of re-doing this, and including it on as part of a mostly electronic new age album. 


Experiments with alternate tunings:


10-TET Jam. Experiment with some 10-tone equal temperament sounds created on the Nord Modular.


Green (2001 version). A short song accompanied in 19-tone equal temperament (newer version on "Couleurs Lunaires",  Fall 2015)