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Quiet Revolution

Released in 2007, "Quiet Revolution" is the first Tea With Warriors CD. A mixture of prog-rock, pop, and ambient sounds, its cryptic lyrics and synthesizer-tinged soundscapes reflect a world at the intersection of the urban and the natural, the solitary and the social.

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Lyrics and Liner Notes

Tea With Warriors: Quiet Revolution



What people are saying:

"A blend of Progressive Rock with electronic ballads reminiscent of an early incarnation of Genesis yet with more pop nuances like Thomas Dolby, Peter Gabriel, and Alan Parsons."
-Chris T., Buffalo, NY

Modern synth pop-rock
Rock: Adult alternative
Avant garde/experimental/electronic
Moods: intellectual, dreamy
Sufjan Stevens
-Carol S., Greenwood, MN

"It's a cool sound, and definitely unique. I do hear some similarities to the more atmospheric works of Peter Gabriel, Cibo Matto, and Morrissey or The Smiths. Maybe a little Rick Wakeman, too."
-Carsen K., Pittsburgh, PA

"I think of your sound as prog or post-prog.  Reminds me of Genesis or Peter Gabriel.  You tend to use synths in a similar way and build songs around synth parts.  Maybe a bit King Crimson too.  Less so Yes or ELP mainly because I associate those bands with giant 10-20 minute sprawling works, where your recored has more actual songs, although your bass player reminds me of Chris Squire."
-John S., Mount Vernon, NY

"One artist parallel I saw was with Sufjan Stevens.  Sort of lofty,
slightly melancholy, and with a tinge of electronics, yet acoustic
feeling too."
-Todd K., Pittsburgh, PA

"Adjectives that come to mind are:
and artists that immediately came to mind that operate in a similar vein:
Peter Gabriel
Elbow (especially their songs like Station Approach)
Roxy Music (later era anyway - the whole Avalon album, etc.)
Pulp (This is Hardcore era)"
-Ian J., Los Angeles, CA

"Reminds me of electronic techno with an Asian flavor in some of the tracks."
-Janet K., Buffalo, NY

"Erasure 's self-titled album came to mind (the production, very synth - based, swirly, chirpy, colorful). Peter Gabriel also came to mind.  Also, what I think is called "ambient" music - particularly during extended episodes without vocals - which is something Erasure does on that self-titled album, which I used to listen to a lot once upon a time."
-Matthew S., New York, NY

"It kinda sounds like David Bowie.  Also perhaps Brian Eno.
Also maybe some Depeche Mode."
-George S., Boston MA

Track list:

Universe of You
Letter From Cambridge
Sorrow on Mass. Ave.
Happy Monkey
Southern Tier Suite
Quiet Revolution