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September 2016

I've been busy this year taking a guitar-building class at Northampton Community College. I finished one of the guitars, a copy of a Martin Parlour guitar from the early 1900's, and am getting close to finishing my copy of a Martin D28. I've alss joined an 80's cover band, which is pushing me to learn some styles of guitar playing I haven't done before. Hopefully with all this going on, I'll get the updated "Niagara" album finished by January!


March 2016 

"Quiet Revolution" was remixed and remastered and re-released! Enjoy the improved sound quality. Please feel free to stream and buy it at Bandcamp.

A remixed, remastered version of "Niagara" is scheduled for early next year.


October 2015

"Couleurs Lunaires" release date set for October 19th.

Yes, that's my eye in the moon. I finished mixing and mastering a couple weeks ago, and "Couleurs Lunaires" is scheduled to be released on CD Baby, iTunes, etc. October 19th. Some weird, spooky music, just in time for Halloween!


 I'm having a few physical CD's made for radio station promotion and people who really want a physical copy.


Track List:

This Night Wounds Time


Powder Blue Confection







August 2015


My piece "Black Birds" is featured on the "Summer 2015 Mixtape" put out by the website "I Care If You Listen", which covers contemporary classical music. It features a very prominent violin, electric guitars, various orchestral instruments, and fretless bass. I actually started this piece back when I was working on "Niagara". Michael Mecca had lent me his fretless bass, a beautiful custom instrument which I think he said was from a friend who worked at Fender, which was a standard Fender electric bass with the frets smoothed down. One-of-a-kind instrument, I wish he would sell it to me! So before I had to give it back, I recorded the bass parts for "Black Birds", and "Erie/River" for Niagara. I  decided that Niagara would be all instrumental, so Black Birds was put aside until this year when I completed it and put it out as a single.


Download the mixtape, and enjoy a lot of interesting experimental music by talented composers and performers from all over.



July, 2015


I've started working on a new album, to be released Fall or Winter 2015. The working title is "Gallery", and is a re-working of some older pieces I started around 2000-2001. It is heavily electronic/ambient, since I had just bought a Nord Modular synthesizer at the time. This allowed me to create new sounds and experiment with non-Western intonations. These pieces got set aside as I got busy with my day job, and I've recently managed to rescue some of the old ProTools Free files from my Mac OS 9 laptop, and start remixing, editing, adding new parts, and whatever else I feel is needed to bring the music up to my current standards.


Most of the music is synth-based, but there are a couple tracks that mix in real instruments such as guitar and voice, and even one with no synth at all (but some nice wah-wah pedal).


The concept I had at the time was to create a piece to conjure each of the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). I still intend to stick with that concept, though I think I like the reverse order for the track list: VIBGYOR. Also, a couple of the tracks have non-color names, though I had particular colors in mind while composing. Some of the older versions of the tracks can be heard at the unreleased music page on this site.