Tea With Warriors

Music for Relaxation and Enlightenment

Discography (John Neumann/ Tea With Warriors)

Here is a selection of commercially available music I've been part of:


Witch Hazel, "Landlocked" (1995) (violin, listed as "John" in the credits- "Lemon Grove Kids" and a few others)




Tea With Warriors, "Quiet Revolution" (2007) (Please see the 2016 remastered version below)


Tea With Warriors, "Niagara" (2009)



Buzzy Tonic- "Face the Heat" (2010) (guitars and background vox on Touch the Ceiling)


Michael (Lee) Blackstone- "Lori" and "Remember" (2011) (musical arrangement, instrumental tracks, background vox, producer)




Tea With Warriors (featuring the Buffalo Festivus Chorale)- "Let Us Have A Festivus!" (2011) (composer)


John J. Neumann, Trent Santonastaso, Kenny Haney, and Charles Akert- "Up the Creek and Back Home" (2012) (composer, pianist)




Kontrol Cow- "twenty-two" (2013) (lead guitar, producer, engineer)




Tea With Warriors- Black Birds (2015)



 Tea With Warriors- "Couleurs Lunaires" (2015)



Tea With Warriors- "Quiet Revolution 2016 remaster" (2016)