Tea With Warriors

Music for Relaxation and Enlightenment

About Tea With Warriors

Tea With Warriors is one of John Neumann's musical projects, focusing on relaxing, nature-inspired music.


John is originally from rural Western New York (snowbelt area), and has since lived in Buffalo, Kent Ohio, Conway Arkansas, Portland Oregon, Pittsburgh, and currently, Allentown PA. 


Classically trained on piano and violin, John taught himself guitar and also is a lover of rock music, especially progressive rock (e.g. Yes, Genesis, King Crimson). He also enjoys little bits of everything else, and feels influenced as well by contemporary classical music.


John's musical philosophy is that music can serve many purposes in a listener's life, and he tries to imagine the circumstances of listening when he composes. His most recent CD-length work, "Niagara", is intended as a meditative appreciation of the power of nature, particularly water and sky.

Tea With Warriors is not affiliated with any political party, whether or not it has "Tea" in its name.


About John's Technical Experience

John Neumann has been writing and recording his own music for over 35 years, since he recorded his first song "Crazy Jeep Driver" by bouncing tracks between two tape recorders. He has been playing piano, guitar and violin since that time. In his teens, he started building electronic musical instruments.  In high school, he spent two months in the New York State School of Orchestral Studies (1984 and 1985) where he played violin in the orchestra and attended master classes given by the members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. At the University of Buffalo, he started a major in music, but switched to physics during his 2nd semester. He played bass and guitar in the prog rock band Infinigon and punk band LD50. In the 1990's, he did his first  violin session work for several songs on (The) Witch Hazel (Sound)'s "Landlocked" CD. His interest in recording was re-sparked when he installed an early version of Pro Tools Free on his computer in 1999.


The last decade has seen the release of several CD's and singles of his own music ("Quiet Revolution", "Niagara", "Black Birds",  "Couleurs Lunaires") under the name "Tea With Warriors", as well as a CD of surf punk music as lead guitarist and recording engineer with Kontrol Cow.  John is knowledgeable about acoustics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and is the primary inventor of one of the world's smallest microphones, commercialized by Akustica, a member of the Bosch group.